How to Find a Retail Store for Rent (Part 3): Negotiating the Deal

So far in this series, we’ve covered some of the key considerations involved in how to find a retail store for rent — from conducting your initial web research, to scouting sites in person, to consulting with expert retail brokers on critical factors such as location, traffic, visibility and retail market rents. Now let’s take […]

Making the most of experiential retail

Opportunities in tenant representation and landlord leasing are constantly in flux—and the arrival of experience-oriented operators like Wondershare, Cinergy, The Void and Round 1 is a case in point. Not so long ago, sellers of hard and soft goods were the prime focus of retail tenant reps and landlord leasing teams alike. However, disruptive forces […]

The Benefits of Sale-Leaseback Transactions

A sale-leaseback is a transaction in which an investor buys a property that is already being owned and operated by someone else. But instead of taking control of the property, the buyer leases it back to the seller under terms and conditions on which they both agree, with the seller becoming the buyer’s tenant. Sale-leasebacks […]