Sale-Leasebacks For Banks: Tips for Achieving Maximum Results

Equity Retail Brokers (ERB) offers a full suite of services for banking-sector clients. Our last post (“Bank Properties for Sale: Why Handling Bank Transactions Requires Flexibility and Finesse”) covered best practices around the sale of income-producing bank properties as well as the disposition of vacant branches and underperforming assets. Another ERB service — sale-leaseback transactions […]

Renovation Pays Dividends for Equity Retail Brokers Client – But It Wasn’t Easy!

The new Di Bruno Bros. store at the renovated Strafford Shopping Center

Strafford Shopping Center is ready for its second act thanks to a multimillion-dollar renovation overseen by Equity Retail Brokers. But getting there required overcoming one challenge after another — from construction snags and regulatory roadblocks to the chaos of Covid-19.

Equity Retail Brokers Oversees Reboot of 1950s-Era Strafford Shopping Center

When Di Bruno Bros. opened at Strafford Shopping Center this past March, the excitement in surrounding Wayne, Pennsylvania, was palpable. The beloved Italian marketplace—a visual as well as a culinary feast with an 80-year history in Philadelphia—was putting la dolce vita in easy reach for the whole community. And thanks to a multimillion-dollar shopping center renovation […]

Restaurant for Lease: Six Considerations when Leasing Second-Generation Space

“When it comes to a restaurant for lease, the best strategy is to be the second operator in that space.” The sage advice above comes from a veteran commercial real estate investor out of Conshohocken, Pennsylvania—one of many experienced restaurateurs who avoids building from scratch whenever choosing sites for a new restaurant for lease. The […]

How to Find a Retail Store for Rent (Part 3): Negotiating the Deal

So far in this series, we’ve covered some of the key considerations involved in how to find a retail store for rent — from conducting your initial web research, to scouting sites in person, to consulting with expert retail brokers on critical factors such as location, traffic, visibility and retail market rents. Now let’s take […]

How to Find a Retail Store for Rent (part 2)

When looking for a retail store for rent, Starbucks pays careful attention to access, visibility, co-tenancy, and other critical factors. Smaller entrepreneurs should do the same—whether a beginner looking to open his or her first store or restaurant, or an experienced franchisee aiming for unit growth in a new territory. The wrinkle here: Independent and […]

How to Find a Retail Store for Rent

The fundamentals of finding a retail store for rent haven’t changed, and growth opportunities continue to drive the expansion of pandemic-resistant franchises and independently operated stores, fast food chains, quick-service restaurants. At Equity Retail Brokers, we use the latest tools and rely on decades of experience to help business owners find high-performing space for rent. What […]

How Does a Franchisee Find a Retail Space to Rent?

Franchisees continue to hunt for stores for rent across the commercial real estate markets of eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. While these operators play a critical role in retail real estate, Equity Retail Brokers Principals David Goodman and Rob Samtmann have observed that not all franchisees take a professional approach to site-selection. The veteran […]

Trending Real Estate: Mixed-use Developments

The mixed-use mantra of “live, work, play” continues to drive development and redevelopment across the commercial real estate markets of Philadelphia. Growing urban and suburban population density is a major factor, but changing attitudes also figure prominently: Members of the Millennial and Gen Z generations tend to look askance at living in single-family housing developments […]

Mixing Digital Commerce with Brick-and-Mortar Retail

Retailers in Philadelphia and around the Northeast are driving traffic and sales by deftly combining the best of both worlds—online and “IRL” (in real life). Don’t be intimidated by all of the jargon—”multi-channel,” “omnichannel,” “BOPIS” and everything in between. At Equity Retail Brokers, we agree with the view expressed by Steve Dennis, a retail consultant […]