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Whole Foods CEO finds Amazon culture “challenging”

Whole Foods CEO finds Amazon culture “challenging”

A Forbes story last month reported that Whole Foods CEO John Mackey is struggling with the Amazon culture, describing it as “challenging” in a recent speech. Mackey announced that he has scheduled a retreat to help him and other top Whole Foods executives better align with Amazon’s “higher purpose.”

In a short period of time, Mackey has seen Amazon close one of the five newly opened Whole Foods 365 stores, and the four others have seemed to stall. The 365 concept was Mackey’s attempt to attract shoppers and dispel the “Whole Paycheck” image. According to reports, the stores did neither.

Amazon’s plan, according to CEO Jeff Bezos, is to lower prices throughout the entire Whole Foods chain, not just at the smaller format stores.

A recent survey by ChargeItSpot, which owns cellphone charging stations, revealed that 62% of shoppers were more likely to shop at Whole Foods now that it has been acquired by Amazon, and 84% had positive feelings about the merger.