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We Understand…Tenant Pain Points

We Understand…Tenant Pain Points

tenant pain points one sheet


‘Pain Points’ are defined as “A problem real or perceived.”  Our job as tenant representation brokers is to understand, avoid, and cure tenant pain points.  It’s our pleasure to be a resource for tenants, meeting client objectives and ensuring pain points are not felt under our watch.


If you aren’t yet working with us and you could use some of the following, let’s have a conversation.  We’d love to help.  Should you have any questions or would like to talk about pain points you’re currently experiencing, please call my cell at 610-761-1629. — Rob Samtmann


  1. We are a local resource allowing you to stretch your budget and maximize results.
  2. Our relationships with owners, as well as brokers, are an advantage in the competition for available space.
  3. We have the experience balancing corporate objectives while coordinating efforts with franchises.
  4. Our resources and tools allow you to secure those sites with the needed characteristics more easily.
  5. We are accustomed to working with Operations Departments to balance their needs and objectives.
  6. Web conferences, Google Earth, and drone footage reduce the number of return trips to the market, thus saving you time and money.
  7. Our marketing and support team produce vibrant, useful tools often playing a pivotal role in real estate committee packages.
  8. Our relationships can provide you with the due diligence support necessary to qualify sites (soil quality, environmental, engineering, etc.).
  9. Utilizing Google Sheets allows you and your team to stay up-to-date on the pipeline, no matter the time or place.
    • Multiple people can concurrently open and update the sheet.
    • Accessible on your computer, tablet, and smartphone.
  10. All our files and resources can be stored in the cloud on Dropbox so that you can access them from your computer, tablet, and smartphone.
  11. We are fortunate to have become friends with many of our clients over the years.
  12. Some other positive feedback our team has received:
    • Uncover those hard-to-find sites
    • Market knowledge
    • Response time
    • Creativity
    • Tour innovations (tablets)
    • Clear, timely communication
    • Plan & execute for short-term needs and long-term pipeline
    • Bring more solutions than problems
    • Negotiation skills and approach
    • Presenting all possible sites in the market


The idea for this piece was born from a conversation with my friend Bryan Holt of Southpace Properties in Birmingham, Alabama.  He is an excellent resource for you in that area of the country.  I highly recommend reaching out to him at 205-326-2222 should you be in need.


Many thanks to Bryan and my fellow Equity Retail Broker cohorts, Brian Wherty, David Goodman, and Valerie Mackey, for their contributions to this list.