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The Winners in Retail, 2018

The Winners in Retail, 2018

Walmart isn’t the only retailer already winning…

By Lauren Thomas, CNBC

In any competition, there are winners and losers. And among retailers competing for customers, the winners of 2018 beat their rivals by providing faster delivery, better online and mobile shopping options, and the trendiest products.

Those who failed or were slow to adapt? Bon-Ton, Sears, Mattress Firm and David’s Bridal were among the slew of retailers that filed for bankruptcy in 2018. Toys R Us also closed all of its stores after filing for bankruptcy near the end of 2017.

But that doesn’t mean consumers weren’t whipping out their wallets and filling their shopping carts ahead of the new year. Many headed in throngs to off-price retailers like T.J. Maxx and big-box chains like Walmart. Here’s a better look at some of the winners in retail to round out 2018.

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