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The Retail Brokers Network

The Retail Brokers Network

What is the Retail Brokers Network (RBN) and why did Equity Retail Brokers join?

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The RBN is a national networking group founded in 1992 whose members are like us – successful independent brokerage firms that specialize in retail real estate. Upon joining in 2001, we wanted the ability to refer business nationally, while taking advantage of the shared booths at regional and national ICSC events. However, the greatest benefit has been the personal friendships we have formed and the positive affect they have had – and continue to have – on us as individuals and the company as a whole.

What value does Equity Retail Brokers get from membership in the RBN? 

Having brokers across the country that we “Know, Like and Trust” (that’s the RBN motto!) gives us the ability to help our clients with their real estate needs locally and nationally. We get valuable market knowledge and expertise through relationships, regional and national RBN meetings, and monthly RBN calls on a variety of relevant real estate topics. The referrals we get from (and give to) RBN firms is a great value as well, of course.

What value do our clients get from our membership in the RBN? 

We use the information we gain from our involvement in the network to help our clients get deals done locally and nationally. Through access to people and information, the RBN provides us with expertise we otherwise wouldn’t have, and allows us to make referrals to RBN firms in other markets, when needed. The end result is more problems solved and deals for our clients.

What do you like best about the RBN? 

I am in regular contact with like-minded real estate professionals around the country who I know, like and trust. We talk about real estate, our families and everything in between. I don’t think I can count the quality friendships I enjoy as a result of the RBN. Oh, and we often make money together. How great is that?

Click here to learn more about the RBN, or stop by booth C-111 Union Street at ICSC RECon!