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“The Death of Retail Is Greatly Exaggerated”

“The Death of Retail Is Greatly Exaggerated”

This article is from The Robin Report (The Robin Report Article) and was written by Shelley E. Kohan.  Shelley’s accounting of the current and evolving retail world is, frankly, the best I have read to date.  So much so, I thought it was worth posting and sending to friends in the industry.  The easy story in today’s press is about the demise of retail, not how it is evolving.  The “evolution” of retail doesn’t make for as good a clickbate headline as “retail armageddon”. 

Technology and society’s need for instant gratification have had much to do with the change.  However, retail isn’t going away.  It’s transforming right in front of us, just at a amazing rate. 

I could try to summarize the article, but it wouldn’t do her piece justice.  It is an involved post, so give it the appropriate amount of time to digest what she is saying and the information being provided.  This article should not be read at the next red light on your phone, because it deserves your time and full attention. 

Thanks and I hope you find it valuable.  If you are in the Philadelphia area, I welcome the opportunity to get together and talk further about the article.  My cell is 610-761-1629.