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Survey says that Walmart tops Amazon as grocery destination

Survey says that Walmart tops Amazon as grocery destination

A report called “2022 Amazon vs. Walmart” by Jungle Scout, a company that provides an e-commerce platform for selling on Amazon, concludes that consumers prefer Walmart over Amazon when shopping for groceries, even though Amazon holds the overall lead in retail e-commerce.

Jungle Scout surveyed more than 1,000 U.S. adults, 57% of whom said they are more likely to shop at Walmart for groceries, compared with 15% for Amazon.com. The Walmart figure included 32% of customers who prefer to shop for groceries at its stores and 24% at Walmart.com. (Author’s note: seems to me this is skewed by the fact that there are 3,335 Walmart physical stores compared to 570 Amazon and Whole Foods stores.)

The report found that Walmart is also the preferred destination for purchases in a range of other categories found at the supermarket. For example, 34% of respondents said they like to shop at Walmart for alcohol (15% at Walmart.com) versus 12% at Amazon, and 51% prefer Walmart (19% for Walmart.com) for cleaning supplies compared with 18% for Amazon. Walmart also held the edge for baby care, beauty/personal care, over-the-counter medicine, pet supplies, and vitamins and supplements.

Walmart was reported as the preferred destination in 10 of 19 categories.

Overall, 75% of consumers polled said they recently made a purchase from Amazon compared with 65% from a Walmart store and 43% from Walmart.com. 48% of consumers said they shop at Amazon at least once a week versus 43% for Walmart.

Price was the top reason given by consumers when asked why they shop at Walmart.com instead of Amazon. Amazon was chosen by online shoppers over Walmart.com in getting products quickly.

When it comes to consumer spending, Walmart.com leads with 71% polled saying they spend up to $99 quarterly versus 45% at Walmart stores and 57% online with Amazon.


  • 63% of consumers surveyed start their search at Amazon.com compared with 43% at Walmart.com.
  • 57% of consumers have an Amazon Prime membership versus 31% with a Walmart+ account.
  • Amazon has 6.3 million third-party sellers while Walmart has 150,000.
  • Walmart has 3,335 physical locations. Amazon has 570 (including Whole Foods Markets).