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Study shows that online grocery shopping and meal kit purchases are increasing

Study shows that online grocery shopping and meal kit purchases are increasing

A recent study by Valassis concluded that consumers are embracing new grocery shopping options like online ordering and delivery, and meal kits. Of 1,000 U.S. adults surveyed, 7% said they order groceries online weekly, but that increases to 14% for parents, 12% for millennials, and 15% for millennials with children.

In addition, 5% of all respondents said they order a meal kit online once a week, compared to 10% of parents, 10% of millennials, and 14% of millennials with kids.

Among those ordering groceries online, in-store pickup was a preferred option. Eight percent of all shoppers polled said they order groceries online and pick them up from their local store, compared to 17% of parents, 14% of millennials, and 20% of millennials with children.

“From home delivery services to the growing presence of organic items, emerging channels and trends are changing the way shoppers buy and, in turn, how brands reach and activate their target audiences,” said Valassis Chief Marketing Officer Curtis Tingle.

The study also reported the following:

Thirty-three percent of all shoppers reported that they buy only or mostly organic and natural products, compared with 48% of parents, 50% of millennals, and 60% of millennials with kids.

Overall, 69% of the shoppers surveyed save money with print, digital media and/or loyalty cards.

FIfty-six percent of those surveyed said they use grocery, drug, mass and/or supercenter savings apps, up from 51% in 2017 and 38% in 2016.