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Signs of Walmart Express

Signs of Walmart Express

There will soon be six drug store sized Walmart Express stores in the country.

Genty, AR
Prairie Grove, AR

Albemarle, NC
Midway, NC
Ridgefield, NC
Chicago, IL

The Walmart Express concept allows the discount giant to enter markets where they can’t otherwise open a larger store.  Thus far, Express stores appear to be carrying merchandise that is specific to the respective town or neighborhood.  In Midway, since there is already a pharmacy, then they won’t carry those products, but they will be heavy on the grocery items.  Most will have a pharmacy and some may sell gasoline.

The company will focus on Arkansas, North Carolina and Chicago, planning to open 15 to 20 stores by the end of their fiscal year in January 2012.  Walmart sees a potential of opening approximately 350 per year if they get the prototypes right for both the urban and rural markets.

Information for the above gathered from The-Dispatch.com and ABCNews.com.