You'll Always Net More with Equity Retail Brokers


Highest Price For Your Asset

You’ll always net more with Equity Retail Brokers.

Experienced Selling and Negotiating Skills
  • Proven Track Record for Bringing Transactions to Close
  • Seasoned Professionals to Handle Transaction Management
  • Due Diligence Knowledge
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • People Skills
Best-In-Class Marketing Process
  • Highest Quality Offering Memorandums
  • The Most Up-To-Date Industry Distribution Resources
  • Priority Access to the Retail Brokers Network
  • Professional Internal Marketing Department
  • Complete and immediate broker cooperation
Lowest Transaction Cost

To ensure you yield the highest net return on your asset, we establish the lowest possible commission structure for each asset based on the following criteria: quality of real estate, quality of the tenant(s), term of lease(s), demand for the asset and cost to market the asset. As a result, we close a higher percentage of transactions at a lower transaction cost to sellers. With Equity Retail Brokers you are not paying to offset the cost of a firm that carries inferior inventory and the expenses associated with the inefficiencies built into the traditional brokerage model.