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A&P Seeks to ‘Right-Size’ in Chapter 11

A&P Seeks to ‘Right-Size’ in Chapter 11

This story from Supermarket News provides a good summary of what’s going on with A&P right now, coupled with some interesting company history. For example:

“Founded by entrepreneurs George Gilman and George Huntington Hartford in the 1850s, the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company was once the largest food retailer in the U.S., operating more than 15,000 stores at its peak in the 1920s. It introduced or brought to prominence the concepts of private label, self-service stores, fresh departments and discount formats. It pioneered store design and advertising strategies.”

What’s interesting to me is that Walmart, the current title holder of “largest food retailer in the U.S.,” is enjoying good times and still growing at a fast pace. Recently they proclaimed July 4, 2011 to be “the end of the retail recession.”

Let’s hope Walmart is right, and that A&P lives to see it happen.

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