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Pick Up the Phone & Put Down the Email

Pick Up the Phone & Put Down the Email


Talking to someone directly is so much better than email.  You get to hear the inflection in their voice.  You get to talk things out and work through issues.  You get to achieve goals in a fraction of the time it would take to do it via email. 




Oh, and by the way, talking directly might help you form a new relationship or help strengthen an existing one.  We’re in the relationship business, so, surprise, surprise, we need to work on building and cultivating relationships.




Only send an email when it is appropriate.  Only send an email when it is the right thing to do and the best way to communicate a message.  Otherwise, direct conversation still rules the day. 




Email is an epidemic today.  People and companies are simply sending too many.  We could sit all day and push emails without ever producing a product or results.  Next time you look at your inbox and begin to work on your emails, stop.  Think, “Do I really need to send this email, or can I pick up the phone and make a call?”  Your clients, their inbox, and your inbox will all appreciate it. 




Thank You,