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Philadelphia Region Overview

Philadelphia Region Overview


region overview - intro letter from Rob


region overview - southeastern pennsylvania


region overview - southern New Jersey


region overview - southern New Jersey and Delaware


We have had the pleasure of introducing many national retailers and restaurants to eastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, and Delaware.  Many of those clients are from other parts of the country and we needed to provide an overview of the market in order to give them a flavor of the people, businesses, medical institutions, and education in our area.  To fill that need, we developed our Region Overview.

The attached document is an overview that we provided for one specific client.  Any sensitive information specific to the client has been removed and it is important to note, this overview only lists the counties we cover for them.  Our territory as a company goes well beyond the counties listed in this example.

The Region Overview gives a visitor to the market a comprehensive summary of each county listing everything from demographic statistics and major employers, to major medical facilities and regional malls.  It’s certainly valuable when we are working with a new real estate manager, but it is especially important when a tour involves the retailer’s executive team, comprised of people who don’t regularly visit the market.  Since the overview is always located at the front of our tour books, it’s generally one of the first things our clients tend to read.  It’s quite interesting how many times the overview has fueled good conversation in between tour sites.

Many people at Equity Retail, including Brian Wherty, Rich Zeller, Melissa DiPretore, and Kristen Hill, played a role in creating this piece and, admittedly, it was a great deal of work.  It has really proven to be a great resource for not only our national tenants, but also for many of our other clients.  I wanted to share this overview in hopes that it would be hopeful to you as well.

I would be happy to talk further with your about the Regional Overview.  So, don’t hesitate to give me a call at 484-417-2208.  Even better, we would be happy to create your own Overview as we help you and your company open new locations or relocate existing ones.