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Online grocery sales rose 37% in April

Online grocery sales rose 37% in April

According to poll conducted in late April by Brick Meets Click and Symphony RetailAI, online grocery sales in the U.S. totaled $5.3 billion for the month of April, a 37% increase over March and a new 30-day record. Furthermore, poll results showed that the month-over-month sales growth reflected a 33% increase in the monthly number of online orders (from 46.9 million to 62.5 million), as well as a 3% gain in order size (from $82 to $85).

Overall, the number of active online grocery shoppers increased just over 1% to 40 million households. On average, online shoppers made 1.6 orders in the month of April compared to 1.2 orders in March.

The survey also found that health and financial concerns among consumers remain key factors guiding online shopping behavior.

“These two factors are particularly important for retailers to understand,” said David Bishop, a partner at Brick Meets Click. “The level of concern that customers have about health affects how they choose to shop – online or in-store – and the loss of income impacts where consumers shop and what they buy.”

“Today’s retail winners will be those that best understand their customers and can meet and exceed their expectations the fastest,” added Symphony RetailAI Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Sterneckert.