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Meet Gen Alpha – Retail’s Newest Consumers

Meet Gen Alpha – Retail’s Newest Consumers

Generation Alpha, used to having access to massive amounts of data, is the next big restaurant demographic.

A recent article in QSRMagazine.com discusses the importance of the Generation Alpha cohort. Also known as the “Glass Generation” (due to their devices) or “Gen C” (for COVID), they were born between 2010 and 2025 and are already the most powerful consumer group, accounting for roughly $24.3 Billion in spending in 2020 alone. They influence parent purchasing decisions – for instance, a 2023 study found that Gen Alpha loves McDonald’s – and chose McDonald’s almost six-to-one over Chick-Fil-A.

The article emphasizes the importance for retailers of understanding Generation Alpha’s values, expectations, and online behavior to effectively connect with them. It suggests leveraging social media, authentic branding, immersive experiences, and incorporating their unique language and preferences to capture their attention and loyalty. Researchers predict that Gen Alphas will end up consuming social media for more than 8 hours a day, and what Gen Alpha sees online leads to in-store purchase influence. Surveys show that 85% of children ages five to nine ask their parents for something during an in-store shopping trip that they’ve seen online. To effectively utilize social media, restaurant brands must understand this generation’s online behavior, the platforms they’re using, the content they’re engaging with, and the influencers they’re following.

Additionally, Gen Alphas are used to having access to massive amounts of data and are comfortable using it to make decisions. They expect brands to be transparent about data collection and to provide a secure shopping experience. Restaurant brands can use data to understand this new generation and capture what they want without violating their consumer rights.

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