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Lidl stores open in three states

Lidl stores open in three states

The first Lidl stores in the U.S. opened earlier this month in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. At 36,000 square feet, reports say the stores look more like car dealerships than grocery stores, with floor-to-ceiling glass covering much of the exterior.

The selections are nearly all private brands, with the packages made specifically for the U.S. market and closely resembling the national brands they are designed to replace.

According to an analysis conducted by RBC of Lidl’s sales flier versus fliers of competitors, Lidl’s promotional prices were 12% to 30% lower than all others – including Kroger, Sprouts Farmers Market, Publix, Food Lion and Save-A-Lot – with one exception. Lidl’s and Aldi’s prices were about the same.

A supplier representative told Supermarket News that Lidl appeared more concerned with quality compared to some competitors, and that the pricing was supported by a more efficient process than other buyers.

More to come as Lidl stores continue to open.