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Lidl CEO reportedly concerned with U.S. performance

Lidl CEO reportedly concerned with U.S. performance

A German newspaper reported last week that the former CEO of Lidl Spain, Michael Arnada, would be appointed to a Lidl divisional board with oversight of the United States. According to the report, Arnada’s appointment is to address Lidl CEO Klaus Gehrig’s concern that the performance of Lid’s 37 operating stores has been weaker than expected.

Arnada, a “systematic thinker who grew up within the Lidl system,” is expected to carry out the “paramilitary” style of management that has helped Lidl grow rapidly in Europe, according to Matthias Queck, a research director at LZ Retailytics.

“Lidl wants to force success, achieving in maybe 10 years what Aldi did in more than 40,” said Queck.

Lidl Spokesperson Will Harwood didn’t address the executive change directly, but stated that Lidl was “delighted” with its U.S. performance so far, saying that performance has exceeded expectations.