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Instacart partners with Giant, Wegmans

Instacart partners with Giant, Wegmans

Instacart announced that it has joined forces with Giant and Wegmans to bring online shopping and delivery to customers in select areas for the two food retailers. Giant’s partnership will benefit Philadelphia-area customers, and the service for Wegmans will be available in Northern Virginia and Maryland.

With Instacart, customers in the service areas can order groceries online from Giant or Wegmans for a small fee, and have them delivered within the same day,  often within one hour.

Giant already offers Peapod, a similar service to Instacart, but Peapod only guarantees delivery for the next day.

Instacart has served Philadelphia customers since 2014, when it signed on with Whole Foods and Reading Terminal Market.

For Wegmans, the Instacart deal represents the first online ordering and delivery offering from the company. It is expected that additional markets will be added in the near future.