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Grocers plan to test ChatGPT

Grocers plan to test ChatGPT

A new survey revealed that grocers are ready to experiment with ChatGPT, the chatbot AI technology that’s taking the world by storm. In the survey conducted by Grocery Doppio, Incisiv and Wynshop, findings included the following:

  • 67% of grocers say they have discussed ChatGPT at senior level meetings
  • 82% of grocers consider AI a necessity to remain competitive in the future
  • 59% of grocers will test an AI solution in 2023

According to the survey, grocers think AI will impact inventory forecasting, supply chain management, and pricing/promotions, while ChatGPT and similar large language models (LLMs) will affect costumer service, product discovery, and store associate tools.

“Grocers acknowledge they need advanced analytics and AI, and are willing to experiment and invest in building those capabilities,” said Gaurav Pant, chief insights officer for both Grocery Doppio and Incisiv. “Those that focus on high-impact use cases like inventory optimization or can figure out a better search and recommendation experience using LLMs have a chance to leapfrog their peers.”