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George Will weighs in on Amazon, then bums me out

George Will weighs in on Amazon, then bums me out

George Will wrote an interesting column earlier this month that I read in Investor’s Business Daily titled “Let Us Plunge Towards Our Fast-Unfolding Future.” After reading it a couple times and looking up the big words, I found it to be thought-provoking.

The column cites the current state of grocery retail – including Amazon’s plans to buy Whole Foods and the company’s (and Walmart’s) seeming desire to sell us everything we need – to lament about the idea that we, as a nation, may be ready to sag into a rocking chair rather than find more creative ways to get by.

“In the accelerated churning of today’s capitalism, changing tastes and expanding choices destroy some jobs and create others, with net gains in price and quality,” says Will. “But disruption is never restful, and America now faces a decision unique in its history: Is it tired – tired of the turmoil of creative destruction? If so, it had better be ready to do without creativity. And ready to stop being what it has always been: restless.”

Follow the link in the first paragraph and read it yourself. Then have a cocktail.