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Fresh Grocer not leaving UPenn site anytime soon

Fresh Grocer not leaving UPenn site anytime soon

I reported in April about the kerfuffle in the University City section of Philadelphia between Fresh Grocer and UPenn (Fresh Grocer and UPenn in litigation over Acme deal). Well, the fight rages on.

Last spring the University of Pennsylvania announced that Acme would replace Fresh Grocer, stating that the incumbent grocery store failed to renew its lease on time. UPenn ordered Fresh Grocer to leave the premises by March 31, 2017.

However, Fresh Grocer disputed UPenn’s cliam and said they had no intention to leave. And according to a story last month in The Daily Pennsylvanian, Fresh Market Store Manager Dawn Goldstein said recently that “we’re here forever.”

Although “forever” may not be accurate, they certainly won’t be leaving anytime soon. The Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas website recently listed June 4, 2018 as the projected trial date.

Stay tuned.