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Amazon Go store opens in NYC, accepts cash

Amazon Go store opens in NYC, accepts cash

The opening of the Amazon Go store last week in New York City represents the chain’s 12th location, and the first to accept cash. The 1,300 square foot store is located in downtown Manhattan, across from One World Trade Center and on the second level of an upscale mall that includes shops, food vendors and restaurants.


Like other Amazon Go outlets, the store has no regular cashier. However, unlike the other 11 stores, customers may pay with cash upon request. Amazon Go is known for its “Just Walk Out” technology, where shoppers use the Amazon Go app to get into the store and automatically pay for the items they remove from the shelves.


Reports say that the cash option was added as Amazon has received criticism for discriminating against underbanked consumers who prefer to pay in cash. A number of cities, including Philadelphia, have enacted bans against cashless stores.


The new Manhattan store carries an assortment of grocery staples, plus ready-to-eat meals and snack options made by Amazon employees as well as local kitchens and bakeries. The store also sells Amazon Meal Kits, which the company said has all the ingredients necessary for making a meal for two in about 30 minutes.


Amazon Go’s other stores are in Seattle (four), Chicago (four) and San Francisco (three).