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Aldi piloting full e-commerce website

Aldi piloting full e-commerce website

Aldi announced last week that it is working with e-commerce specialist Spryker Systems to significantly enhance its website with the goal of transforming it from information-only to a fully transactional e-commerce site. The company said a new digital platform is currently being tested with a group of U.S. customers and is slated to roll out nationally in phases.

“It will be a shoppable website, with prices, products – all of the things that consumers want,” according to Aldi’s Scott Patton.

Spryker, based in Germany just as Aldi is, specializes in transactional business models and said its platform is designed to help companies quickly go to market, scale up and customize a broad digital commerce offering.

Aldi has worked previously with Instacart to build out its omnichannel presence, and plans to expand its Curbside Grocery Pickup service, powered by Instacart, from over 1,200 stores to 1,500 stores by the end of this year.

Aldi USA operates about 2,200 stores in 38 states.