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Acme gave away $1 million, but not to me

Acme gave away $1 million, but not to me

The Acme Sizzlin’ Summer Giveaway Collect & Win Game, which desperately needs a better name, ends tomorrow, and yesterday a local dental student was declared the $1 million winner.

My wife has been collecting cards, or tickets, or whatever those rectangular pieces of paper are, for months now, and she’s been talking about the $1 million all summer. I broke the news to her this morning that we (yes, “we,” even though she’s been playing the game, not me) didn’t win. I told her via email, of course, lest she burst into tears while on the phone, or worst yet, in person.

Alas, it’s my understanding that the backyard makeover hasn’t been awarded yet, so I’m still holding out some hope. What with my uneven patio, broken patio table and tree stump (a former tree before the great lightning strike of 2012), a makeover would be nice.

And poor Acme. With the game-with-a-bad-name coming to a close, we will most likely save a few cents of gasoline by returning to our local Landis in order to keep our refrigerator full. Unless, of course, Acme starts a Wacky Winter Giveaway Collect & Win Game. We’re due for a cool million!