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Led by Whole Foods, food retailers ahead of Dow Jones pace

Led by Whole Foods, food retailers ahead of Dow Jones pace

Supermarket News tracks the stock prices of food retailers, and they reported last Friday that Whole Foods Market was the industry leader for the first half of the year with a 37.69% gain in price. The Fresh Market, a similar store to Whole Foods in that it’s a high-end market, was next with a 34.41% gain in its share price.

Stock prices for most of the traditional supermarket operators fell during the first half of the year. Supervalu (Acme, Save-A-Lot) fell 34.18%, Safeway (Safeway, Genuardi’s) fell 12.23% and Ahold (Giant, Stop & Shop) fell 4.18%. On the other hand, large retailers like Walmart, Target and Costco all gained. Overall, the Supermarket News Index was up 13.25%, which is well above the gains for the Dow Jones Index (5.42%) and S&P 500 Index (8.31%) during the same period.

Here are how some of the food retailers closed at the end of June:

Costco – closed at $95.00; up 14.72%
Target Corp. – closed at $58.19; up 14.89%
The Fresh Market – closed at $53.63; up 34.41%
Village Super Market (ShopRite operator) – closed at $32.58; up 16.44%
Wal-Mart Stores – closed at $69.72; up 18.25%
Weis Markets – closed at $44.52; up 12.99%
Whole Foods – closed at $95.32; up 37.69%


Ahold (Giant, Stop & Shop) – closed at $12.39; down 4.18%
Delhaize (Food Lion, Bottom Dollar) – closed at $36.71; down 30.93%
Safeway (Safeway, Genuardi’s) – closed at $18.15; down 12.23%
Supervalu (Acme, Save-A-Lot) – closed at $5.18; down 34.18%