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Kohl’s plans to add groceries to select stores

Kohl’s plans to add groceries to select stores

According to reports, Kohl’s is looking for “well capitalized companies” that it can partner with to offer groceries and drive traffic to its stores.

Kohl’s has streamlined their offerings in hundreds of stores in recent years, and several of those locations have excess space that can be used to showcase grocery items that draw customers in more frequently. For stores that are part of a larger shopping center, selling groceries may be restricted by other tenants, or waivers may be needed by certain co-tenants.

The company currently operates about 1,100 stores, most of which are in the 80,000 – 90,000 square foot range.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the grocers that partner with Kohl’s would have their own entrances and would be separated by an internal wall. It is expected that Kohl’s will provide more information during its March 1 quarterly earnings call.