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Key Food Co-op acquires Super Fresh name

Key Food Co-op acquires Super Fresh name

Earlier this month the Key Food Cooperative reported that it had acquired the Super Fresh brand from A&P and that it is “planning to open several stores under the Super Fresh banner in the near future, the first of which may be as early as this month.”

Key Food previously acquired the Food Emporium banner in a bankruptcy auction and is using that name on properties it acquired from A&P in Manhattan.

Last November the Key Food Cooperative completed the purchase of 23 A&P stores, bringing the total number of stores under its management to 212. It is the largest grocer in New York City.

According to the report, the Super Fresh banner was created in Philadelphia in 1982 as part of a deal between organized labor and A&P. A&P filed for bankruptcy and ceased operations last year after 156 years in business.