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First 20 Lidl stores coming this summer

First 20 Lidl stores coming this summer

Lidl revealed this morning that it plans to open 20 stores this summer, with the earliest openings coming in June. The company didn’t specify which stores would open next month, but did release a list of the first 20. They are in North Carolina (9), Virginia (9) and South Carolina (2).

All 20 stores will be serviced from Lidl’s new distribution centers in Virginia and North Carolina. A distribution center in Maryland is still under construction.

According to Lidl US CEO Brendan Proctor, an additional 80 stores in markets from New Jersey to Georgia will open by the summer of 2018.

“People want a good quality product, they want it at a good price and they don’t want to spend all day in a store – they want to get back to living,” Proctor said. “That’s what our model is about. That’s our strength.”

When asked about some reported skepticism about Lidl’s real estate choices, Proctor deflected the question and touted the company’s ability to adapt and the quality of its offerings.

As for the store’s product mix, Proctor said they will source about 85% of products from the U.S. EVP and Chief Commercial Officer Boudewijn Tiktak added that around 90% of the selection will be private brand.

All Lidl stores will have bakeries but no service deli or meat departments.